Eye Care

Personalized Eye Exams in Fontana, California

Fontana Optometric Group, Inc. in Fontana, California, offers personalized eye exams that are computer assisted and state-of-the-art, including child-friendly eye exams. Schedule an appointment with our eye care professionals today!

Top Quality Service from Qualified Professionals

Fontana Optometric Group, Inc. is at the leading edge of eye care technology. When you receive a professional eye exam from us, we offer the following:
• Humphrey Field Testing for Visual Blind Spots
• ICare Tonometry (No Air Puff Test)
• Glaucoma Screening
• Topography Scan to Check Cornea Health

Retinal Imaging -Daytona Optos optos image
Optomap® Retinal Image Technology

Optomap is implemented as a screening tool for the early detection of disease in the posterior segment of the eye in the context of preventative medicine and eye health and wellness.