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For many of us, the most important aspect of choosing eyeglass frames is how they look on our face. Finding the perfect frame isn’t as easy as you think. Experienced opticians can provide recommendations based on your face shape, curves and angles to find the frame styles that suit you best. Here are a few helpful hints:

Circle: Round faces are perfect for strong angular frame shapes with lenses that are wider than they are deep. Additionally, frames that have a slight upsweep at the corners show off those great cheeks and bring focus to the eyes.

Oval: Square and rectangular frames add contrast to the curved lines of an oval face. Other shapes are fair game as well, just be sure to keep scale in mind. Ovals biggest downfall is a frame that is too small or too large, throwing off the natural balance of the face.

Rectangular: Go for frames with a strong or accented brow line with a strong horizontal element. Frames with a bit of depth in the lenses will balance the length of the face. Shapes with rounded edges and curved lines will soften the angularity of the face. Stay away from small, narrow lenses that will exaggerate face length.

Heart: Heart shape faces feature a broad forehead that tapers to a small chin. Cheekbones are generally high and angled following the contour of the face. The key is to find shapes that balance the varying widths of their face.

We have new frame styles arriving daily! Stop in to see what’s new and have a personalized styling from one of our experienced opticians